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Weighing in on Eating Out

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Eating out is one of those “non-routine” circumstances the Eat Sanely workbook covers–along with holidays and other times when weight management can falter.  In fact, cooking at home more, preparing foods in advance,  learning how to order well at restaurants:  these are key skills and habits that bolster your ability to maintain a good weight for years.

While eating out rarely matches eating in as a weight-smart choice, choosing well does make a difference.  And now, some restaurants have responded to our collective needs by offering better options.

The Eat Sanely blog archive contains several entries on how to get more home cooking into your life, and several more on dealing with holidays.  Also, the 4/16/10 post addresses restaurant eating specifically.

More recently, the New York Times published the helpful “How to Eat Healthy Meals at Restaurants.”  Read up to enjoy both your food outings and your best weight!



What Not to Say to Someone Trying to Lose Weight: And how to respond when said to you….

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

I offer some thoughts on supporting each other, assertive dieting techniques and more in my recent “Thin From Within” blog at Psychology Today.



One New Fall Habit: BYO Lunch

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Throughout the fall, I’ll be picking up on the dozen “fall change” targets listed in the recent Eat Sanely newsletter (see just below).  The first idea?  Bringing your own lunch to work.  If you’re not in the habit of doing so, prepare for calorie reduction, better nutrition, and possibly even less grazing later on.  All from this one habit shift.

People who successfully make this change report things like:  “I don’t go to the food court every day anymore”, “I end up with more energy and don’t get as hungry in the afternoon”, “It’s easier to eat more vegetables”, “It keeps me out of the conference room, where the big spread always tempts me”.

What to bring?  Coincidentally, the New York Times “Flexitarian” columnist, Mark Bittman, recently published “Thinking Inside the Bag” on this very topic.  His ideas emphasize the delicious and satisfying.  They include nice, fresh ingredients.  You can do even less, though, in the way of prep.   Consider these routine alterations: (more…)



Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Eat Sanely’s September 2013 Newsletter is reprinted here….also, we’re again offering a dozen free Kindle downloads of our self-help workbook:  Eat Sanely:  Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster for Good.   Just send your email address to

As we say farewell to summer and return to fall routines, know that this is a potent time for planting the seeds of new eating habits.  For a variety of reasons, fall resolutions can work better than those made on January 1.  This means better chances of weight loss success and improved fitness.  What’s more, planting now means habits can take root by the holiday season, maybe saving you from inevitable weight gain then.

Regular followers know that Eat Sanely promotes lasting habit change as the key to weight loss and maintenance.  Any of the dozen ideas below can become a significant step forward toward your healthy weight goals.  Pick one or two to focus on, stick with them as best you can, pick yourself up and refocus if you get off track.  Later in the season, you’ll see that change for the better.  And success with that first one or two can breed more success with other targets.  So use this time of readjustment to get real change underway!



Summer 2013 Newsletter

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

In case you haven’t received our Summer 2013 newsletter, we reprint it here.  Check the useful links for keeping your good habits through the season….

It can be a lot easier to eat sanely in the summer….but the season does bring some challenges as well.  The abundance of fresh, affordable—and delicious—produce makes it easy to eat lots more vegetables.  We know that eating more vegetables, all by itself, helps our weight.  Many people also find it easier to exercise in the summer.  No icy roads to keep you inside!  On the other hand, vacations can throw people off their routines.  And the heat, for some, can hinder exercise in the same way that the cold can for others.

That all said, it’s as important as ever to keep up your healthy habits—as best you can, anyway—whatever the season.  Some ideas to help in that direction: (more…)



Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Here, more helpful words for those on the sane eating path:

On staying fit on vacation.
On family meals.

Every idea potentially helps!


Free Kindle EBooks: Toolbox Offers for Fresh Spring Starts

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Here’s an offer straight from the March 2013 Eat Sanely newsletter:

Start  your spring fresh with a Free Kindle Ebook :  The Eat Sanely workbook is your toolbox for changing how you eat—and sticking with it.  Send your email address to drkatz@eatsanely.comThe first 15 addresses will receive a free Kindle workbook download.


SUGAR: Eating Sanely with a Sweet Tooth (Reprint)

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

 I reprint here a blog from 7/8/10, as a companion to the above entry on how to deal with the new findings on sugar….this was originally posted  as SUGAR:  Eating with a Sweet Tooth (Part 2).

Sweets top the food pyramid—they sit on that tiny “eat sparingly” point.  We know “eat sparingly” is easier said than done.  Sugary foods fill way too much of the average person’s diet these days.  It’s hidden in foods we buy, we love it, and it’s hard to stop after any amount that could be called “sparing”.

As promised in June 25’s [2010] blog, I continue here the discussion of how to stick to those small amounts.  I started with a few ideas about buying less, switching to items containing less, and eliminating sugared beverages.  Now we turn to the sweets we eat because we want to—whether that’s candy, cookies, pie, or cake.  How do you start to say “No, thanks, I’ve had enough” after one piece? (more…)


DIET: You’ve Got to Exercise the Willpower Muscle, Too

Friday, October 7th, 2011

More thoughts on self-control (see 9/9/11 post)….

Willpower.  The word resurfaces from time to time in the ocean of diet advice around us.   We’re likely to feel its tug again soon, as an important new book calls willpower a muscle.  That is, you can strengthen it with practice.  And you can kill it with overexertion.

Year of research actually back these ideas.   They obviously have a lot to say for those swimming through that diet advice.  Willpower muscle strength can indeed spell diet success or failure.  As with a gym routine, many of us struggle to start and stick to it.   However, even those who flex their muscles well in other situations can find themselves suddenly weak when it comes to food.   How does the muscle metaphor translate to weight loss and diets?

The book Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, by Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney, draws on Dr. Baumeister’s decades of self-control research.  The benefits of self-control have been well-documented.   And studies have established that practice indeed bolsters self-control.  Baumeister’s work goes farther, finding that self-control can flag when people are fatigued and stressed.  And, importantly, this applies to the fatigue and stress of working to control oneself as well.  This all strengthens the case against restrictive dieting, and for our efforts to change habits in small, persistent ways. (more…)