Eat Sanely Coaching Services

Eat Sanely Coaching Packages“We live in a world that’s pretty crazy when it comes to food and weight.” These days, most people understand the truth of this without question. Whether you’re heavy, thin, or “just right”, it’s often difficult to maintain a healthy weight without worry and confusion. Even the “just right” people can feel nervous or guilty about their eating.

Diet Coaching Services

Diet Coaching Services, and now, grew out of Dr. Katz’ twenty years’ work with eating disorders. Dr. Katz is a clinical psychologist, eating disorder specialist, diet coach, and bariatric surgery counselor. She works to help people find ways out of what author Michael Pollan calls “Our National Eating Disorder.” This means finding ways of eating and attending to health that lead to healthy weight and a healthy relationship with food. This also means approaching change as a process leading to habits and routines that last, never just a “diet” that will eventually stop.

Coaching and Keeping the Weight Off

Dieting and then regaining weight leads to feelings of failure and hopelessness. But if you, like many people, have tried and not succeeded in changing habits for good, you may benefit from coaching. The cognitive psychologist Dr. Judith Beck says “Few people who have struggled with dieting can lose weight and sustain that weight loss without help and encouragement from another person.” Research backs this idea–people who have particular kinds of help do tend to make changes more successfully than others.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Diet coaching can help you identify the routines that will work best for you. It can help you solve practical problems in putting plans into action. It can help you identify ways of thinking that undermine your efforts to change. It can help you understand and then change the emotional ties that keep you stuck in unhealthy habits. It can help you stay on track through the ins and outs and ups and downs of your life.

This site, through its articles, newsletter, and coaching services is meant to be a resource to anyone hoping to find their own “path to sanity” with food and eating.

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