Free Resources and Helpful Tools to Help you Eat Sanely

Download any or all of these helpful resources and tools designed to help you Eat Sanely.

Eat Sanely E-book Worksheets

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Eat Sanely Statements?:

Statements that would be true if you were to eat sanely. Download Now

Guidelines for Eating Out and Managing Weight:

Learn how to eat out and eat sanely. Download Now

7 Point Hunger Scale:

Use this scale to rate your hunger and identify what being hungry feels like. Download Now

Food Log:

Keep track of how much you actually eat-you’ll be surprised. Download Now

Exercise Planner:

Plan your routine and learn what keeps you from following through. Download Now

On Counting Calories:

Learn the truth about counting calories and weight loss. Download Now

On Menu Planning:

Practical ideas for making home and take-to-work meals easier and more likely to happen in a busy life. Download Now