Eating Sane... For A Lifetime

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Most of us, these days, agree on eating sanely as a good goal in life. But what exactly is “eating sanely”? At, and throughout its web pages and courses, we use the definition that Dr. Terese Weinstein Katz has been using in her work with dieters, overeaters, and people with eating disorders: In short, this is eating in a way that maintains a healthy-enough weight, for good, without constant worry or guilt.

In other words, eating sanely does not involve the short-term or extreme diets that almost always lead to frustration and regain. Eating sanely does not assume that one way of eating fits all.

It also doesn’t assume that this is easy, or that it happens all at once. Finding your own path to sanity takes trial and error, and time and attention, given the world we live in—the world of fast food, fake food, 300,000 diet books, and ads for 1,400 calorie hamburgers. aims to help you find that path to food sanity yourself.

We welcome your comments, and your questions. We hope these resources become trusted companions on your path!