Regular visitors will notice some streamlining in the EatSanely website (and later this week:  a new easy-to-access format for the monthly newsletter).   These tools are meant to help you succeed in eating more sanely.  This journey, as I often say, usually requires trial-and-error.  It doesn’t necessarily proceed in a straight line.  What works for one person may not work for the next.  And the world we live in isn’t always helpful.  As you review the tools available to you, look again at the working definition of “sane eating” first offered here:

Sane eatingis eating in a way that maintains a healthy-enough weight, for good, without constant worry or guilt.  In other words, without short-term or extreme diets

one way of eating fits all.  It also doesn’t mean that this is easy, or that it happens all at once.  Given the world we live in, though, it does mean that we each have to find some way of reaching that sane eating path—because our food world isn’t going to change overnight.   Finding your own path to sanity can take trial and error, and time and attention, given that we live in a world of fast food, fake food, 300,000 diet books, and 1,400 calorie hamburgers.

To eat in a way that keeps your weight where you want it, and makes you feel good, you may need to tackle how you think about food, how you deal with stress and relationships, and how you take care of yourself generally.  I hope the tools offered here lead to solutions that will work—and keep on working for years—for you.


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