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Friday, July 10th, 2009

(a version of this article first appeared in Fuel magazine, spring 2008)

It’s still early, but pretty soon people will start to think of losing weight for summer: shorts, tank tops, bathing suits….yikes! For a time, the gym will crowd like the week after New Year’s, and people will plan diets with their best intentions. Of those who set out to lose weight, though, how many will succeed? Study after study yields the same discouraging answer: very, very few. Most people who do lose, in fact, will end up regaining more than they lost within a year.

You could say that going on a diet, then, can end up making you fatter. When you eat significantly less, your metabolism slows down. It can remain slow after you return to your previous eating pattern, causing you to gain even more easily than before. Also, many people end up binging, or at least blowing their diets in big ways, because they are feeling too hungry or deprived. These episodes can damage your weight even more. This all results in discouragement, feelings of hopelessness or failure. For some, it adds to a “yo-yo” effect that may cause more health and weight problems than a less-than-desirable but consistent weight. (more…)