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Friday, March 26th, 2010

I return now to thinking about “food rules” (see January 31, below).  These recent guideline sets, like those offered by Michael Pollan and others, aim to help us eat more healthily.  And, I would add, to relate to food and eating in a healthier, happier way than is often possible in today’s world.

Pollan’s book Food Rules, in particular, contains 64 small bits of wise advice to keep you focused on eating real, unprocessed food and avoiding fads, dubious health claims, and unwholesome habits.   Every single one of these bits makes sense:  from “avoid foods you see advertised on television” to “eat well-grown food from healthy soil” to “eat slowly” to “treat treats like treats”.   I frequently encourage people to choose one or two such guidelines to start with, knowing that this will most likely open the door to further changes and more improved habits in the future.  The process of changing how you relate to food often starts that way.

If you have weight to lose, though, will following these kinds of rules be enough?  Don’t you have to stick with low-calorie, low-fat, or low-carb things to get those pounds off?    Once you’ve lost the weight—isn’t that a better time to think about this other stuff?  I think the answer is, “Not really”.  In fact, changing your thinking and habits in line with these kinds of rules is probably the best insurance you can ever have for getting to and keeping a good weight. (more…)