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Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Given the time of year, I’m reprinting an article here that appeared in The Diet Coach’s Letter last holiday season.  It’s still timely! I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving.

The average American will gain some weight over the holiday season. While we may hate this fact, consider the even worse news: most people don’t lose it after January 1. If your weight has crept up over the years, then, it may not be your age that’s at fault . Just living through these weeks, year after year, can do the trick. So, not gaining weight during the holiday season is truly its own worthy goal.

In order to not gain, we may need all those tips the magazines bulge with this time of year. Beyond that, we may need to rethink the season in some basic ways. For any six-week stretch focused on eating, drinking, increasing time demands, and decreasing routine is bound to cause trouble. But just because it’s holiday time, you don’t have to automatically abandon your better habits. You may instead have to learn to enter these times with your highest goals kept at the top of your list. Don’t simply assume you’ve got to jump in and let the holiday tide sweep you along. Try to think instead of how to enjoy the parts of the season worth enjoying, while still emerging in January feeling good about yourself. (more…)